Questionaire for CWUAAT 2014

This is the questionnaire used for interviewing designers of rail transport.

How are the needs of elderly and disabled users incorporated into the design process?

What kind of a relationship does your firm have with special interest groups?

Do they work with you on the design of new products?

What methods do your designers use to find out about users of your products?

Can you describe the planned design process?

Idea creation – what strategies did you use to generate ideas?

Translation of requirements – how did you turn the results of your investigation into a requirements specification?

Did users participate in this process? If so, in what way?

Concepts – how did you select the concepts?

What form did this concept stage take?

What role did users take in this part of the design process?

Develop – what activities did you undertake to refine your chosen design?

What problems emerged at this stage?

What role did users have in this part of the design process?

How do you validate your design choices? (using prototypes, CAD models or mock-ups?)

What is the typical lead time for a new rail interior?